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Now Billy he sits on his bum all night long
Bashing his drums without fear
Ask him to sing you a song and I swear
Green River never sounded so fair.

There's a man on guitar they call him Trevor
He plays squeeze box and harmonica too
Give him a chance and he'll teach you to dance
And tell yah tales too wild to be true.

Old Chester he fancies himself with gadgets
He's got widgets and woofers galore
Give him a chance and he'll wire up his banjo
To pick out a toe tapping score.

Yes it's a fact we're a hard mob to track
So a bass drives a beat we can hear
That job lies with Cracker and it doesn't matter
He 'l l play all night long for great cheer.

There's Marko the boss he calls all the shots
But the band never toes his line
He don't stay up too late but we call him our mate
Cos he writes a lot of our songs.

They call Chris the midget because of his stature
But his hearts as big as a whale
He'll sing you and song and dance all night long
Just remember to top up his ale.


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