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Self Titled - Ned and the Kellys
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1. Irish
2. El Paso
3. Australian People
4. Arthur Phillip and Me
5. Harry Redford
6. Wretched Old Wool
7. Talking to Timmy
8. Electric Swag
9. Truckers Lament
10. Selling Down the River
11. Downtown
12. Neds Song

This album was recorded and produced by David Richards and Ned and the Kellys, December 2008, at Little Fish Studios, Charleville in Queensland Australia.

The Neds thank all their friends and supporters, especially Qantaslink who have been there on time everytime for us.



There Goes Ned and the Kellys

1. Ryebuck Shearer
2. Waltzing Matilda
3. Chester’s song
4. Maranoa Drover
5. A thousand mile away
6. Warrego Blues
7. Bob the Kelpie
8. New England Hills
9. Augathella Station
10. Queensland Drover
11. The RFDS
12. Shores of Botany Bay

This album was originally produced by Ned and the Kellys for the purpose of fund raising for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

All proceeds from the sale of the original recording in 1993 went to be used to aid in the provision of medical services by the RFDS to the people living and travelling throughout Outback Australia.

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